reef aquarium造句


  1. It is now known as Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium.
  2. Another light source in reef aquariums today is metal halide lighting.
  3. It is found in mainly in a reef aquarium or marine aquarium.
  4. Members of this genus are sometimes found in reef aquariums.
  5. Members of this family are sometimes found in reef aquariums.
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  7. Pectiniids are sought after for the reef aquarium trade.
  8. Some types of aquaria such as reef aquariums and photosynthetic life within the tank.
  9. It is also known to eat flatworms, a common pest in reef aquariums.
  10. The duncan coral generally prefers to inhabit an established reef aquarium if brought into captivity.
  11. They are popular with reef aquarium hobbyists.
  12. ReefHQ was originally known as Great Barrier Reef Aquarium when it opened on 14 June 1987.
  13. The growth of these corals is rapid and they can be kept in a reef aquarium.
  14. They are reef-safe, and can be kept with any invertebrates in a reef aquarium.
  15. Overall most seasoned reef aquarists do not recommend keeping this species in a reef aquarium due to these habits.
  16. In reef aquariums, parasitic isopods can become a pest, endangering the fish and possibly injuring the aquarium keeper.
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