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  1. Forresters Beach is well known for its reef breaks to surfers.
  2. For example, there are Beach breaks, Reef breaks and Point breaks.
  3. The main peak at Windansea is a reef break.
  4. Some artificial harbours also create new reef break waves.
  5. Thirroul is an exposed beach and reef break, and has reliable surf all year.
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  7. This is an exposed reef break facing the Pacific Ocean filled with rocks and corals.
  8. Teahupo'o is a reef break.
  9. Lanuza is noted as a surfing destination with its various surfing areas from Reef Breaks to Beach Breaks.
  10. Spending a week on a small island rimmed by winding reef breaks allows many opportunities for personal success and failure.
  11. These waves are really just a form of beach or reef break, but breaking very close to the shore.
  12. There a number of surf sports including beach breaks and reef breaks that produce punchy peaks and nice shaped waves.
  13. Low-lying islands in the 92-island archipelago also face severe beach erosion if the barrier reefs break apart.
  14. The travel guides promised plenty of reef breaks and consistent swells, as well as calm, shell-covered beaches.
  15. "' Pipeline "'is a surf reef break located in Hawaii, off Ehukai Beach Park in swells.
  16. _Good Sumateran Surf Charters, Mentawi Islands, Indonesia : Full-service live-aboard charters to explore remote reef breaks.
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