reef crest造句

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  1. The upper portion of this slope is called the reef crest.
  2. Lots of creole wrasse, tangs, damselfish, chromis, goatfish and grunts active at the reef crest.
  3. Community of the coral reef crest.
  4. When ready to release the eggs, she migrates to the reef crest and their release is usually followed by moulting.
  5. Usually, three major zones are recognized : the fore reef, reef crest, and the back reef ( frequently referred to as the reef lagoon ).
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  7. The reef crest's most common species is " Porites porites ", a type of stony coral, although there are also significant areas covered in flesh-like algae.
  8. The feature consists of the reef crest ( flattened, emergent  especially during low tides  or nearly emergent segment of a reef ), sand cays ( accumulations of loose coral sands and beach rock ) and intermittent deep channels.
  9. "' South Ari Atoll MPA ( Marine Protected Area ) "'is an area from the north western tip of the reef crest of Rangali island up to the North Eastern tip of Dhigurah island, the boundary extending 1 km seaward from the epipelagic reef fringe.


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