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  1. The rise in hk deposits was in line with reduced volatility in the regions financial markets
  2. This us dollar real time gross settlement rtgs system will be an important addition to the regions financial infrastructure and will strengthen hong kong s position as an international financial centre .
  3. In the financial group ( chfg ) is the international capital of china ' s financial institutions and co - operation group holdings ltd . to set up a strategic partner of the company , relying on its solid financial strength and extensive commercial background resources , to expand the greater china region financial operations
    中汇金融集团( chfg )是国际资本机构与中国金融集团控股有限公司共同合作成立的策略伙伴公司,依托其雄厚的资金实力背景和广泛的商业资源关系,致力于扩展大中华地区的金融业务。
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