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  1. Residents action group Bondi Olympic Watch says the volleyball site will split the beach in two.
  2. The resident action group, the Paddington Society, founded in 1964, was a catalyst in this development.
  3. In 2015 local resident action group Residents for Waverley Cemetery nominated the cemetery for inclusion on the National Heritage list.
  4. Ravenmeols ward, whose councillors are Catie Page-Labour Party, Tim Hale-Labour Party, Maria Bennett-Formby Residents Action Group.
  5. More recently, Pidcock has been an active voice in the Millers Point Residents Action Group, campaigning to retain public housing in Dawes Point.
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  7. In the last decade he was involved in resident action groups and was elected chairman of the " Ultimo Precinct Committee " in Sydney.
  8. Despite strong opposition by residents action groups and the Yarra City council, the project won approval at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal ( VCAT ).
  9. However, he was strongly rebuked by the Lower Ormeau Residents Action Group, a residents'association with Sinn F閕n links, for seemingly justifying the killings with this claim.
  10. In November 2012, Pidcock married the former City of Sydney councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor, Architect and Planner, John McInerney; chair of the Millers Point Residents Action Group.
  11. In the mid 1990s a group of local residents formed the Cantonment Hill Residents Action Group for the return of site to the City of Fremantle as per the original gift of 1892.
  12. In 2010 a residents committee was formed, Bretton Residents Action Group ( BRAG ), to ensure that future development surrounding the village did not adversely affect village life and to develop community activities.
  13. Since 1997, a community-based Cantonment Hill Residents Action Group has lobbied for its return to the City according to the original gift and its restoration and retention as public property with full public access.
  14. Nonetheless, residents said the consent order represents a victory . " This is a testimony to the collective action on the part of local residents, " said Donna Lupardo, a member of Resident Action Group of Endicott.
  15. Websites for the fictional New South Wales Premier Angela Boardman, a fictional resident action group RAWT ( Residents Against Water Theft ), and the fictional companies Argon Energy and the H20 water transport group were also put online.
  16. For elections to Sefton Council the village and Civil parish of Little Altcar is part of Ravenmeols electoral ward which has seven councillors, the recent election in May 2015 has resulted in an influx of Formby Residents Action Group representatives becoming the majority party.
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