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  1. Supervisor resident area
  2. Add unit 2207 , rainbow tower , xiangfuya resident area , baogang road , luohu borough , shenzhen city
    地址:深圳市罗湖区宝岗路田心大厦1408室邮编: 518029
  3. More and more people live in the resident area with estate management . the early disputes were mainly about the quality of the house , the decrease of the the house ’ s surface area and so on
  4. " mandarin classic " resident area , south of meijiang , tianjin " mandarin classic " resident is located at south of meijiang resident area . it is built by tianjin mandarin real estate co , . ltd . about 30000 ? area are using our material “ litong ” cementitious capillary crystalline waterproofing material to protect
    天津梅江南华夏津典小区位于天津市河西区友谊路梅江南居住区,是由天津华夏房地产开发的高档住宅小区,该小区防水面积约为30000 ? ,全部采用水泥基渗透结晶型防水材料? ?利砼进行防水施工,目前工程正在进展当中。
  5. We hold the view that , in one to two years ( late 2002 to 2003 ) , the number of domestic wlan users will increase greatly and wlan will become the new hot spot in communication field ; the wlan terminal equipments will include laptop computer , table pc , pda and office devices such as printers and so on ; wlan card will become the necessary device for computer users ; wlan will be widely applied in high - grade resident areas and hotels
    我们认为,在1 ~ 2年内( 2002年底~ 2003年) ,国内wlan的用户数量将迅速增加, wlan将成为新的通信热点; wlan的终端设备范围将涵盖笔记本电脑、台式电脑、 pda等设备及打印机等办公设备, wlan无线网卡将成为笔记本电脑一族的必备装备, wlan网络也将进一步在高价位住宅区、酒店等场合广泛应用。
  6. It's difficult to find resident area in a sentence. 用resident area造句挺难的
  7. Community we share today has multiple meanings . community refers to the social group which is consisted of a group of people who live in a certain area and kinds of social relations made by the group who engage in the social activities . city community means the resident area governed by the district government and residential committee
  8. The results showed that : the integrated ecological risk was presented symmetrically along brahmaputra , and was mitigated from valley farming area to mountain pastoral area ; the hazards of main risk sources to risk suffer in each sub - region was differently , drought was the common risk source and imperils farming and stock raising severely ; aimed at enhancing the ability of fighting drought , controlling flood and stabilizing sand engineering measures should be taken steps to prevent those hazards ; mountain hazards must be controlled in resident area and along arterial traffic ; manual work should be done to void hail in those area where hails attacked heavily ; there is need to promulgated risk knowledge to herdsmen for strengthening their risk consciousness and improve the ability of preventing risk and self - help after hazards happened in the pasturing area
  9. With the number of the resident areas increasing , with the awareness of the resident right strengthened , the owners become more and more concern the right to exclusive use , such as the issue of the common ownership , the problem to whom the charge of the parking lot belong , the problem about the transfer of the parking lot , the problem about the incomes of renting the place for advertisements
  10. Heating facilities in haidian are mostly boilers using coal as fuel , now measures are taken to transform coal boilers into gas boilers in the area within the third - ring road . universities and colleges , institutions and government organs usually have heating systems of their own while heating for some of the resident areas is provided by house - and - land management departments or real estate companies of the locality
  11. By 2003 , nankai district owns the park with largest area in tianjin shuishang park , totally 14 including changhong park , etc . , 52 small pleasance , 1697 greenbelts between buildings in the resident area , 875 vista greenbelts , greenbelts along the bank of rivers of 246 , 500 square meters , and 7 virescence square , which make the life of citizens and carving environment improve obviously
    到2003年,南开区有天津市面积最大的公园水上公园及长虹公园等共14个公园小型游园52个居民区楼间绿地1697处,街景绿地875处,河流沿岸绿地24 . 65万平方米,绿化广场7个,使市民的生活和创业环境得到显著改善。
  12. Hanguang company have comprehensive intellectualized resident area s charge and management solution , hope to cooperate with water , electricity and gas industry companies or related companies allover the country , to resolve the charges management problem of the industry departments , provide a scientific management control project for the industry companies


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