1. "What can we do ? " asks Rivetti.
  2. Rivetti joined his father, Franco, in the business in 1970.
  3. The company said he was survived by his sister, Giovanna Rivetti.
  4. He is survived by a sister, Giovanna Rivetti.
  5. A consortium of banks took over, reducing the Rivetti family's role.
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  7. Rivetti estimated his officers encounter as many as six heart attack victims a year.
  8. Rivetti praised the council's willingness to take a chance on the technology.
  9. Look for Rivetti, Michele Chiarlo, Tosti or Martini & Rossi.
  10. Marco Rivetti was born in Turin.
  11. Visitors to the faire are invited to come in costume and many do so, Rivetti said.
  12. Try a glass of moscato d'Asti from Rivetti, Michele Chiarlo, Fontana Fredda or Zonin.
  13. Though Rivetti never actually became principal organist he served as assistant under both Yon and successor Courboin until 1970.
  14. Now, said Rivetti, there are five Renaissance Pleasure Faires held throughout the United States and about 50 wannabes.
  15. For inexpensive, slightly sweet sparklers, Italy's Moscato d'Asti is your choice ( try the Rivetti ).
  16. Rivetti gave up the helm that year, saying : " I'm not capable of managing difficult moments ."
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