1. Booth shot 70 to tie for fourth, and Vinny Riviello ended up seventh after a 74.
  2. Gone are ASU's two seniors, Vinny Riviello and Linda Ericsson, and they will be missed.
  3. Vinny Riviello, a junior, won the 1994 Mexican Amateur and participated in the summer Sun Devils reunion, otherwise known as the 1994 World Amateur.
  4. Besides Booth's score, the Sun Devils counted Vinny Riviello's 76, Tui Selvaratnam's 80 and Linda Ericsson's 82.
  5. Mike Riviello, 40, a commodities trader, said as he waited for the ferry to start his trip home to Ridgewood, N . J.
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  7. John Riviello, plant manager for Kruger Recycling, said his Albany facility is handling nearly 4, 000 tons per month of office paper, newsprint and cardboard.
  8. At an Independence Day military parade Friday in Mexico City, the head of the federal forces, Gen . Antonio Riviello Bazan, said nothing about increasing tension in the Chiapas war zone.
  9. Shannon's neurologist at Children's, Dr . James Riviello, estimates that he's sent between five and 10 patients to Canada for medication, and some of his colleagues, he says, have sent more.
  10. The court refused to hear the testimony of two military investigators who had once determined that no charges could be brought against Gallardo, then reversed their findings several years later after the general had a falling out with a new defense minister, Gen . Antonio Riviello Bazan.


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