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"road to freedom"是什么意思   


  1. For him, the bicycle was the road to freedom, physical and spiritual.
  2. "The Road to Freedom " was widely reviewed by supporters and critics.
  3. It also influenced Jean-Paul Sartre's trilogy " The Roads to Freedom ".
  4. Frederick Douglass crossed Cecil county on his road to freedom in 1838.
  5. And remember : the road to freedom begins with a familiar dish.
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  7. Gary Cox discusses the implications of the " Roads to Freedom " series:
  8. Because this was the day for the beginning of the road to freedom.
  9. True, " The Long Road to Freedom " stops short of the contemporary era.
  10. It is the second part in the trilogy " The Roads to Freedom ".
  11. By asking one yes no question, can you determine the road to Freedom ?"
  12. "Five Roads to Freedom " is a deeply personal project for filmmaker Robin Benger.
  13. But Sharif said he had no qualms about linking Road to Freedom with her organization.
  14. He was also the player's owner in the " Colosseum : Road to Freedom ".
  15. The authors express passionate and controversial arguments against any compromise on the road to freedom.
  16. There is the Road to Freedom, which traces the route African-American slaves followed to freedom.
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