1. "As expected, " said US coach Gerard Kemkers after he'd watched a matched set of Maple Leaf flags head roofward.
  2. He passes coach M . L . Carr, who, in response to the Hamilton hollers, looks roofward, rolls his eyes and smiles widely.
  3. Coach Dennis Erickson, head craned roofward, recalled thinking that the ball was going to stay in the rafters : " It must have been up there eight seconds, " he said.
  4. And then, with fellow immortals Milt Schmidt, Bucyk, O'Reilly, and Bourque looking on, Neely and his wife Paulina, son Jack, and daughter Ava raised the 8 roofward.
  5. When the moment finally came, and it seemed like it took forever to arrive, the Atlanta Falcons'defensive end Chuck Smith dropped to his knees at about the 30-yard line, his arms thrust roofward in the Silverdome.
  6. It's difficult to find roofward in a sentence. 用roofward造句挺难的
  7. Her Monday night peregrinations included, besides the Bubble Bash, a cocktail reception at Phillips'temporary headquarters in the American Crafts Museum and a dinner for 250 guests afterward at Asia de Cuba, where stalks of green bamboo sprouted roofward from a buffet table, and waiters urged cosmopolitans upon arriving guests.


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