1. _Fred Shuster Roogalator / " Cincinnati Fatback " ( Proper)
  2. After their demise, Kjeldsen performed with the Danny Adler Band ( ex-Roogalator ).
  3. Roogalator's repertoire was later re-issued on the " Cincinnati Fatback " compilation album.
  4. Mortimer returned to Adler for an early incarnation of Roogalator before leaving to join Ian Dury in Kilburn and the High Roads.
  5. In early summer 1976 Roogalator signed a one-off single deal with Stiff Records and released " All Aboard " / " Cincinnati Fatback ".
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  7. Riley joined Roogalator just before their September 1975 debut, and for a time it was his fame that attracted the band's first press notices.
  8. The band have released two albums, the self entitled'Fast Lane Roogalator'( 2003 ) and'3 Sessions Later'( 2005 ).
  9. Prior to Roogalator, Adler had also played with Smooth Loser, a band formed with Jeff Pasternak, the brother of BBC disc-jockey Emperor Rosko.
  10. He also plays in his family band Fastlane Roogalator with among others, his brothers Syd and Will ( the band is a tribute to their father John B Spencer ).
  11. By Autumn 1975, they were joined by acts such as The Stranglers, Roogalator, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Kilburn and the High Roads, and Joe Strummer's 101ers.
  12. When punk rock began to surface in late 1976 early 1977, while working with Roogalator both as producer and manager, he released early recordings by Adam and the Ants on his Do It Records label.
  13. Both the singles, " Reconsider Baby " and " Gotta Find My Roogalator ", were arranged and produced by an uncredited Frank Zappa, who also played guitar, with other musicians including Carol Kaye and Larry Knechtel.
  14. After the demise of The Sinceros, Kjeldsen performed with the Danny Adler Band ( ex-Roogalator ), a live album featuring Kjeldsen on rhythm guitar was recorded at the Winterthur-Switzerland on 10 August 1982 and released in 1983.
  15. Formed in London during pub-rock's heyday in the mid-' 70s, the genuinely eccentric Roogalator missed the big time when the quartet's funky, r & b-tinged sound was decimated by the punk explosion.
  16. On top of that were inventive numbers like Roogalator's signature tune, " Cincinnati Fatback " ( six minutes of elegant Meters-style funk that perfectly mimics a riverboat cruise ), " All Aboard " and " Zero Hero ."
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