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  1. Notify me of updates to rosemary leaves - organic
  2. Notify me of updates to rosemary leaves
  3. Rosemary leaves - organic
  4. 4 . rosemary leaf powder
    4 .迷迭香干粉
  5. Rosemary leaf extract in irs14 stimulates the lipid of the outer skin and regenerates the skin ' s healthy cells . it restores the first protective barrier of skin and improves skin hydration
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  7. The time defiance intensive repair serum from artistry contains 33 different kinds of highly concentrated essences and an advanced dna complex containing 10 precious plant extracts such as licorice root extract , alpinia speciosa extract , sunflower seed extract , echinacea extract , centella asiatica extract , hexose , hydrolyzed oats , rosemary leaf extract , vitamin c derivatives and t4 endonuclease ( extracted from the bacteria micrococcus leutus )
    雅姿特效滋养活颜14 ,每瓶含有33种珍贵护肤成分之高度浓缩精华配方,其中以尖端科技提炼的dna复合精华,包含10种珍贵天然植物精华,包括?甘草根、月桃叶、向日葵籽、紫锥花、积雪草、己糖、燕麦和迷迭香、维他命c提炼物与t4酵素,有效提供5大护肤功效。


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