rough figure造句

"rough figure"是什么意思   


  1. A . can you give me a rough figure
  2. B . i can give a rough figure . i would say around six thousand dollars
  3. With the craftsmen and other plebeian inhabitants of the town , in considerable numbers ; among whom , likewise , were many rough figures , whose attire of deer - skins marked them as belonging to some of the
  4. For , in these times , as the mender of roads worked , solitary , in the dust , not often troubling himself to reflect that dust he was and to dust he must return , being for the most part too much occupied in thinking how little he had for supper and how much more he would eat if he had it - in these times , as he raised his eyes from his lonely labour , and viewed the prospect , he would see some rough figure approaching on foot , the like of which was once a rarity in those parts , but was now a frequent presence
  5. Now with a better understanding of the symptoms , i think i should be able to tell you now that in fact everyday we are monitoring all these cases . as i said at the beginning of february , pneumonia is very common . just to give you a rough figure , there could be more than a thousand cases each month especially during winter months
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