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  1. There has been a large increase in rough fish like carp.
  2. Other species of rough fish include Shorthead Redhorse and White Sucker.
  3. Most states limit the take to rough fish like carp, gar, suckers and other bottom-feeders.
  4. In the United States many states allow only rough fish to be taken while spear fishing.
  5. The City of Lowell encourages removal of this rough fish during a pikeminnow contest held each July.
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  7. Tiger trout are known to be highly piscivorous ( fish-eating ), and are a good control against rough fish populations.
  8. The area boasts good populations of catfish, crappie, rough fish such as buffalo and carp, along with white bass and sauger.
  9. The term " rough fish " is used by U . S . state agencies and anglers to describe undesirable predator fish.
  10. The Cottonwood River supports a few game fish  notably northern pike and smallmouth bass  and a greater variety of rough fish.
  11. The unexpected algae bloom produced toxins that killed thousands of fish, mostly rough fish but also large numbers of striped bass and largemouth bass.
  12. This leads to significant winter fishkill, and since rough fish like carp rebound faster than desirable game fish, it has been a struggle to maintain the sport fishery.
  13. They are popular with many fish-stocking programs because they can grow quickly, and may help keep rough fish populations in check due to their highly piscivorous ( fish-eating ) nature.
  14. Rough fish were believed to be the problem, and in 1987 the DNR poisoned the lake and installed electric fish barrier in the channel connecting lake Christina to nearby Pelican.
  15. Heron Lake in Jackson County is a, shallow, prairie lake suffering from over-enrichment due to agricultural run-off; high populations of rough fish; and loss of aquatic vegetation; all symptoms typical to area lakes.
  16. Currently, Alabama allows the atlatl for deer hunting, while a handful of other states list the device as legal for rough fish ( those not sought for sport or food ), some game birds and non-game mammals.
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