s sutherland造句


  1. Sheree grew up in Illawong and attended Menai High School in Sydney's Sutherland Shire
  2. Her graduation film, " On the Wire ", won the school's Sutherland Trophy.
  3. Woodstock took the first ever Central League crown as well as that year's Sutherland Cup as provincial champions.
  4. Purdue's Sutherland ran back the ensuing kickoff 51 yards, giving his team the ball on the Washington 35.
  5. To be sure, " inflationary pressures could filter through the U . S . economy in another 6 months to 8 months, " said Altamira's Sutherland.
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  7. His has composed serious concert works for instruments including the piano, classical guitar, flute and clarinet and he is the resident conductor of Sydney's Sutherland Shire Symphony Orchestra.
  8. In Weisburd's Sutherland Address to the American Society of Criminology in 2015 he argued that the consistency of crime concentrations across cities and across time was so great that it suggested a Law of Crime Concentration at Places.
  9. Saskatchewan's Sutherland Curling Club won the men's event, having to win four straight games in the process after finishing the pool round in a three way tie for second place at a 4-2 record.


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