sabine auken造句


  1. Sanborn / Shuman and Sabine Auken / Zenkel of Germany have won three medals.
  2. Although he won the quadrennial Mixed Teams in 2004 with Sabine Auken and a French pair.
  3. Another title, the Transnational Mixed Teams, was won by a cosmopolitan group : Zia Mahmood of England, Sabine Auken of Germany, and Catherine D'Ovidio and Paul Chemla of France.
  4. Two women, Daniela von Arnim and Sabine Auken were runners-up in 2005 the last time there was one woman in the winning pair, Jenny Ryman and Gavin Wolpert ( who later married ).
  5. His latest, " Misplay these Hands with Me ", has earned rave reviews and was short listed for the 2008 Master Point Press Book of the Year award, which his book " I Love This Game ", with Sabine Auken, won in 2006.
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