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  1. Laqueur died in Santa Margherita Ligure on April 20, 1909.
  2. In 1171, together with the neighbouring Santa Margherita Ligure, it was included in Rapallo's commune jurisdiction.
  3. Rossi was born in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy.
  4. According to the official reconstruction, he fell into the sea from his boat off Santa Margherita Ligure.
  5. Two years later it was annexed to the Kingdom of Sardinia as the commune of Santa Margherita Ligure.
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  7. He died at Santa Margherita Ligure.
  8. In the town of Santa Margherita Ligure, the ancient Abbey of Cervara is often the site of chamber music concerts.
  9. He also frescoed the church of Riviera Ligure, and the parish church di San Giacomo di Corte in Santa Margherita Ligure.
  10. "' Jan Bohuszewicz "'( born February 7, 1878 in Osowiec, died February 13, 1935 in Santa Margherita Ligure ) was a Polish painter.
  11. Three cars derailed shortly before it was to pull into the station at Santa Margherita Ligure, a resort town, the ANSA news agency reported.
  12. Following his success in Santa Margherita Ligure, the Belgrade State Opera hired him for his first operatic role, Rodolfo in the 1994 production of La boh鑝e.
  13. In the late 19th century, first British, then other Northern European aristocratic tourists began to visit Portofino, which they reached by horse and cart from Santa Margherita Ligure.
  14. He died on 9 September 1990, and was buried in the cemetery of Santa Margherita Ligure, the Riviera town where he had spent his vacations for many years.
  15. In 1993, Mavr醟 won the gold medal and first prize in the international singing competition in Santa Margherita Ligure ( Italy ) with Rodolfo's aria from Puccini's opera La boh鑝e.
  16. The 14 finalists are sent to the exclusive sea resort of Santa Margherita Ligure to be immediately tested by facing their first photoshoot with famous photographer Settimio Benedusi who also worked for Sports Illustrated.
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