sar 21造句


  1. The main weapon used under the ACMS is the SAR 21's Modular Mounting System variant.
  2. It was the standard issue weapon of the Singapore Armed Forces and being replaced by the newer SAR 21 in most branches.
  3. Only 20, 000 SAR 80 were bought by Singapore, and most have been phased out in favor of the newer SAR 21.
  4. As a result, the M16S1 remained the mainstay of the Singapore Armed Forces until it was replaced by the SAR 21 in early 2000s.
  5. The range of M16, AK-47, SAR 21 and Steyr AUG . It can also be detached to operate as a stand-alone weapon.
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  7. The SAR 21 is made of a rugged, high impact polymer, most of the manufacturing is done utilising Stoner operating system, boasting higher reliability and lower recoil.
  8. The SAR 21 is also the first production assault rifle of its class to incorporate a built-in scope that is built into its carrying handle ( A 3.0x version is also available ).
  9. The SAR 21 was designed with a small in-built brass deflector to eject spent bullet casings forward, thus reducing the chances of the spent casings hitting a left-handed user's face.
  10. As very few firearms come with built-in telescopic sights ( military designs such as the Steyr AUG, SAR 21 and the H & K G36 being exceptions ) mounting a scope to a firearm requires additional equipment.
  11. Ronaldo ran onto a ball from Rivaldo that found its way between Cocu and Frank de Boer, controlled it with the outside of his left foot and then slipped it between the legs of Van der Sar 21 seconds after the second-half kickoff.
  12. Externally, the SAR 21 along with the Israeli IMI Tavor TAR-21 and the South African Vektor CR-21 ( all minus the foregrip ) as with most other bullpup designs bears only a bullpup Thorneycroft carbine in 1901 preceded the Steyr AUG ( in production since 1978 ) by almost eighty years.


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