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  1. Rare subtypes include carcinoid tumors, bronchial gland carcinomas and sarcomatoid carcinomas.
  2. Under the 2nd revision ( 1981 ) of the WHO classification, it was considered a subtype of sarcomatoid carcinomas ".
  3. Sarcomatoid carcinomas are unique among lung carcinomas in that, although they are considered carcinomas, they contain cytological and tissue architectural features that are usually characteristic of sarcoma.
  4. Finally, some rare forms of breast cancer ( e . g ., sarcomatoid carcinoma, histological grade, presence of cancer in small vessels ( vascular invasion ), expression of hormone receptors and of oncogenes like HER2 / neu.
  5. Some of the more well known include the lesions containing pseudo-sarcomatous components : spindle cell carcinoma ( containing elongated cells resembling connective tissue cancers ), giant cell carcinoma ( containing huge, bizarre, multinucleated cells ), and sarcomatoid carcinoma ( mixtures of spindle and giant cell carcinoma ).
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