1. sarir-- dakar-rally / french-co-driver AFP THAILAND
  2. sarir-Co-driver-dies-in-desert-accident COMBO SINGAPORE
  3. The fall from the Sarir C tectonic movement with little evidence of horizontal stresses.
  4. Initial production from the main Sarir oil wells averaged, with some achieving rates of.
  5. Historian Al-Kufi reported that in 738 the Arab commander al-Sarir ".
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  7. Sarir-Dakar-Rally AFP INDONESIA
  8. Sarir-Dakar-rally AFP INDONESIA
  9. Sarir at times adopted Christianity as the nominal, but not in reality, official religion.
  10. The Sarir stratigraphic column generally resembles succession patterns throughout the Sirte Basin, with some variations.
  11. In these wars it was generally victorious and allowed Sarir to manipulate the politics of Derbent.
  12. The Persian traveller came to Alania from Sarir, a Christian kingdom immediately to the east:
  13. At this time, two smaller fields were discovered : Sarir North and L-65.
  14. Since Sarir does not have a gas cap and GORs vary between 60-225 refineries.
  15. In Pre-Cretaceous times, areas that became Sarir accumulations were occupied by topographic highs.
  16. In 1032, an combined army from Sarir and Alania invaded Shirvan and seized its capital Shamakhi.
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