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  1. Many adult shut - ins start as school dropouts
  2. Dropout how can a high school dropout be so cocky
  3. Analysis on the hazard of jiangxi rural junior - middle - school dropout
  4. Contribution to school dropouts recommended by international tongji association
  5. To be clear , we ' re not talking about a high - school dropout minding a cash register
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  7. A professional degree will result in an average annual income of about twice that of college graduates ( or six times the income of a high school dropout )
    大学以上的学历会导致比大学毕业的年平均收入增加一倍(或是高中辍学人的六倍) 。
  8. According to census data , high school dropouts in the work force earn an average of 26 , 207 , while workers with a professional degree average 127 , 499
  9. If he were to compare for you the lifestyle of a person with a ph . d . to that of a grade school dropout , you might complain that this comparison is not helpful for your decision
  10. If you were to compare for him the life style of a person with a ph . d . to that of a grade school dropout , he might complain that this comparison is not helpful for his decision
  11. And despite more generous bonuses , the quality of new recruits is starting to drop , with more in the lowest aptitude ranking , more high - school dropouts and more receiving waivers from disqualification ( for example , for using drugs or having a criminal record )
    而且尽管津贴更加丰厚,新兵的素质也已开始下降,更多的人资质极低,更多人中学就退学了以及更多人接受资格豁免(例如,吸毒或者有犯罪纪录) 。
  12. A high school dropout on average earns 9 , 200 less a year than a high school graduate , and about 1 million less over a lifetime than a college graduate . the study is one of the most extensive ever of american high school dropouts , of which there are about 1 million each year
    还有辍学者抱怨说: “在课堂上其实学不到什么东西,他们让你在学校里学这学那,而这些知识在你日后的生活中根本就派不上用场。 ”
  13. On january 6 , 2005 , fellow practitioners from hsinchu , formosa visited the yu - an children care center in miaoli county , the catholic hua - kuang social welfare foundation in hsinchu county , the st . joseph s center for special education in hsinchu city , and miracle home which offers counseling and a stable environment for school dropouts , children from broken families and juvenile delinquents
  14. Examples include assistive devices for people who are physically challenged , personal care services to help elderly people at home , interactive instructional programs for potential high school dropouts , seminars for couples contemplating divorce , hospice care for terminally ill patients , and many , many others


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