1. Out of nowhere, Deepa suddenly appears there on her Scooty.
  2. She gets knocked off her scooty and her side mirror breaks.
  3. She is the brand ambassador of Scooty Pep +, for which she has replaced Preity Zinta.
  4. supported the MTV Scooty Teen Diva reality television contest that judged contestants on a variety of skills and attributes.
  5. Sharma is a celebrity endorser for various brands and products, including TVS Scooty, Nivea, Bru coffee and Pantene.
  6. It's difficult to find scooty in a sentence. 用scooty造句挺难的
  7. This TVS Scooty is one of the lightweight Scooters which is available in India for the use of ladies and girls of India.
  8. The association with a youth-oriented TV series is believed to reinforce Scooty's position in the minds of the target consumer.
  9. After the releasing several variants of TVS Scooty, the company entered in the higher end segment of the scooterette market by introducing Wego.
  10. LML also produced the Trendy 50 cc ( 1998-2006 ), formerly known as Benelli Scooty ( 1993 ), a derivation from 1981 Benelli S50.
  11. Hardwicke _ " Lord Scooty " to his friends _ was just three when he inherited the peerage from his grandfather, his father having died the year before.
  12. She also appeared in many TV commercials, including ads for Yum Yum Noodles, Rio Juice, UTL, Rose Village Housing, Nova Ice-cream and Wego Scooty.
  13. The school's all-time leading scorer also played under Butler, Clyde " Scooty " Rivers ( 1978 1982 ), who went to play at the University of Utah.
  14. She is known as the first woman who had ridden to Khardung La on a TVS Scooty . She is also works on some ecommerce projects deals with bike alteration and stunt parts along with her publicity.
  15. Arora has done commercials for companies such as like Tvs Scooty, Samsung Guru Mobile, Reliance Big TV, Candi Biscuits, Mountain Dew, Mc Donald's, Philips Led, McVitie's Biscuits, Nestle Munch, Wheel Detergent, Anne French and Century Mattress.
  16. She has been the face of some of the top brands like Fastrack, Honda City, TVS Scooty, Kingfisher, Britannia, Fly Mobile etc . She has done print ads for various textiles and jewellery brands like Nalli Silks, Rasi Silks, Kalyan Jewellers ( Coimbatore ), Kannika Parmeshwari Silks etc . She was on the cover page of March 2011 Femina's BUYOLOGY, Bangalore Supplement.


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