scope arena造句


  1. SCOPE ARENA, 415 St . Paul's Boulevard, Norfolk, ( 757 ) 664-6464.
  2. By the end of the round, the crowd of 7, 097 at Norfolk Scope arena was booing the lack of action.
  3. The exhibition at Norfolk's Scope arena will be part of a boxing card that features a title bout between 1992 Olympian Raul Marquez and Darrin Morris.
  4. Large-scale concerts are held at either the Norfolk Scope arena or the Ted Constant Convocation Center at The Norva provides a more intimate atmosphere for smaller groups.
  5. In November 1971, the Virginia Squires played their Norfolk home games at the new Norfolk Scope arena, until the team and the ABA league folded in May 1976.
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  7. The 53-year-old Holmes, who retired less than two years ago, will face Esch in a 10-round bout on July 27 at the Scope Arena.
  8. In the bout at Norfolk's Scope arena, Holmes will be fighting for the first time since Nov . 17, 2000, when he knocked out Mike Weavers in the sixth round.
  9. No fan of his, I gave it a pass and instead visited the Scope Arena, a soaring, saucerlike dome of interlocking concrete triangles, supported only by a system of massive buttresses outside.
  10. Built in 1972 and located next to the Norfolk Scope arena, the venue is home to the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, the Virginia Ballet and hosts Broadway plays while serving as Norfolk's primary theater and concert venue.
  11. Military bands, massed pipes and drums, and precision drill teams will assemble for the Virginia International Tattoo at Scope Arena, 201 East Brambleton Ave ., on April 24 and 25 at 8 p . m . $ 25 and $ 20.
  12. The fight, to be held at Scope arena in Norfolk and made available on pay-per-view, will be the main event on a card also featuring Jacqui Frazier-Lyde, daughter of Joe Frazier, in one of five or six undercard bouts, promoter Daryl DeCroix said.


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