scope attribute造句

"scope attribute"是什么意思   


  1. In this example , the nextviewdata can be retrieved from a request scope attribute
    在本例中,可以从请求作用属性中寻回nextviewdata 。
  2. Each application settings property must be applied with a single scope attribute in order for it to be recognized and serialized by the settings provider
    必须对每个应用程序设置属性( property )应用一个范围属性( attribute ) ,以便由设置提供程序对其进行识别和序列化。
  3. The following table lists the attributes that can be applied to the application settings wrapper class , this class s individual properties , or both . by definition , only a single scope attribute
    下表中列出了一些属性( attribute ) ,这些属性( attribute )有的可应用于应用程序设置包装类、有的可应用于应用程序设置包装类的各个属性( property ) ,有的可应用于这两者。
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