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  1. Candidates must undergo a single scope background investigation and a polygraph examination before being appointed.
  2. See also the Single Scope Background Investigation below, along with explicit compartmented access indoctrination.
  3. For this reason, officer candidates must undergo a single scope background investigation ( SSBI ) before being appointed.
  4. In order to gain SCI Access, one would need to have a Single Scope Background Investigation ( SSBI ).
  5. ,Q Clearances required a single-scope background investigation of the previous ten years of the applicant's life by both the Office of Personnel Management and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and cost $ 3, 225.
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  7. A person is granted access to a specific compartment after the individual has : ( a ) had a Single Scope Background Investigation similar to that required for a collateral Top Secret clearance; { b ) been " read into " or briefed on the nature and sensitivity of the compartment; and ( c ) signed a non-disclosure agreement ( NDA ).


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