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  1. The search for truth was redirected toward physics .
  2. This edition of search for truth will air coast-to-coast on prime time tonight .
  3. Reflection on the theory of searching for truth and being pragmatic
  4. When does a difference engine become the search for truth
  5. We are on the way searching for truth
  6. It's difficult to find searching for truth in a sentence. 用searching for truth造句挺难的
  7. ( 1 ) " we must take the way of searching for truth as the first criterion of strengthening party sense "
    1 、 “必须把树立实事求是的作风,作为加强党性的第一个标准” 。
  8. The disinterested search for truth is certainly one of the highest and noblest careers that a man can choose
  9. This article goes into the principle of search for truth , verhandlungsmaxime and undersuchungsmaxime in the first part
  10. Beyond invention is about the scientists who search for truth beyond normal boundaries and shatter our illusions of reality
  11. It is here that we receive total support and commitment from our group of sincere members searching for truth . this sense of oneness becomes a potent source of inspiration for us all
  12. Mr . nitzschke s wife , heikemarie wenzei , was once a very famous german actress . she said , " we had always been searching for truth and a spiritual path . we had also read many buddhist books
    尼兹曲克太太海德玛莉温契尔女士heidemarie wenzel ,曾是德国非常知名的演员,她表示:我们本来就一直在追寻真理和灵性的道路,也阅读了不少佛书。
  13. Woven into the book s wide range of emotions is a consistent theme that forms a gentle backdrop for each poem : the omnipresence of divine love , the inspiration for master ching hai s lifelong search for truth
  14. Devotion to you goal makes you live a clean and orderly life , given to search for truth and to helping people , and realisation makes noble virtue easy and spontaneous , by removing for good the obstacles in the shape of desires and fears and wrong ideas
  15. " in recognition of his earnest search for truth , his penetrating power of thought , his wide range of vision , and the warmth and strength in presentation with which in his numerous works he has vindicated and developed an idealistic philosophy of life " external links
  16. As for the spiritual side of the fair , there were many positives to report as well , the most prominent being that the large majority of guests who stopped by our booth genuinely held master in high esteem . it was a pleasant surprise to see such sincere interest in master and the search for truth , wisdom and eternal love
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