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  1. The idea of using images to search images is not new
  2. The principle of the template - based method is that the searched image is covered by the template image , and the template is moved up and down to look for a sub - image which is identical with the template image
  3. Content - based image retrieval , which uses visual contents to search images from large scale image databases according to users ’ interests , has been an interesting and rapid developing research field nowdays
  4. ( 2 ) some research on the template matching method based on iterated function system is done , and the similar theorem and its inference for measuring the approach degree of search image and template based on hausdorff distance between eps attractors are given
    ( 2 )最后,研究了一种基于迭代函数系统的新的模板匹配方法,该方法把迭代函数系统作为图象特征进行提取,并给出了相似定理及其推论。
  5. It has designed a special method for finding circular center image coordinates and a subpixel digital image process method , so that the precision of simulation for searching image point of circular center can reach to 0 . 01 pixel in grade of amount . it has designed amending method for errors , produced by improper installation position of the testing device
    在图像处理方面,本文设计了标志特征圆圆心位置的特殊方法和亚像素数字图像处理方法,使得特征圆圆心像点的仿真定位精度可达0 . 01个像素的数量级;提出了一整套围绕特征直径像的特性来寻找其端点坐标的方法。
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