searching light造句

"searching light"是什么意思   


  1. the search lights and the fireworks made the sky a kaleidoscope of colour .
  2. the light beam from a laser will not spread out as the beam from a flash light or searching light does .
  3. the types, parameters and main sizes of search lights for marine use
  4. searching lights traversed the sky
  5. xenon search light
  6. It's difficult to find searching light in a sentence. 用searching light造句挺难的
  7. shenzhen jufude industrial co ., ltd . is a specialized company engaged in development, production and sale integration of t2 portable search light . we can produce products of different performances and functions
  8. 6301 portable explosion-proof search light is newly designed to meet the indoors and outdoors mobile lighting reauirement for army and factory etc . it has got the authentication of national explosive-proof authority, and can work in kinds of explosive, inflammable plasces and underwater environment
  9. main products : moving heads, scanners, follow spot light, laser lights, strobe lights, flash lights, effect lights, projectors, intelligent lights, disco lights, smaze machine, outdoor lights, search light, sky rose, city color light, fog machine, bubble machine, snow machine, flame machine, stage light, stage lighting, dimmer, dmx lighting controller, parcans, mirror ball, black lights, led lights and so on
  10. the harder you try the more repulsive people will feel, because it s just like a torch light-you re searching everywhere and people just try to seal themselves from your smell laughter and your searching light . when you re too obvious, you exude a kind of repulsive energy that people just run away from . and whoever comes to you is not sincere because they don t love you


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