searching on the internet造句

"searching on the internet"是什么意思   


  1. Other programmes : how to search on the internet , writing your websites ; powerpoint and other talks
  2. Well i got up early yesterday morning to search on the internet and i completely lost track of time
  3. Main works of this thesis are as follows : ( 1 ) reviewed the history of information searching on the internet . introduced the techniques concerned with search engines
    其中主要工作包括: ( 1 )系统回顾了网上信息检索的演进历程,简要分析了搜索引擎的原理、技术及所存在的问题。
  4. This article summarizes necessary configurations of computer software used to search on the internet , how to search for online information effectively and search methods to be adopted as well
  5. At the moment the phenomenon seems to be restricted to britain , but a quick search on the internet reveals that many other countries are also experiencing serious plumber shortages - a key factor behind the spread of posh plumbing
  6. It's difficult to find searching on the internet in a sentence. 用searching on the internet造句挺难的
  7. This essay states the structural features of the subject - based searching engine , explores and analyzes the search on the internet of the information with the education of chinese language and culture as its entral theme , and attempts to design a searching engine specially for this purpose so as to provide a highly efficient mode of the computerized data collection technology for the constriction of the database specialized in the education of chinese language and culture


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