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  1. In 1989 90 they won the Seconda Categoria Championship and were promoted in Prima Categoria.
  2. It currently plays in Seconda Categoria.
  3. "' Seconda Categoria "'is a level of Italian football league system.
  4. "' Unione Sportiva Angri 1927 Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica "'is an Seconda Categoria Campania.
  5. "' Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Sarzanese Calcio 1906 "'is an Seconda Categoria Liguria / F.
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  7. In 1959 the Prima Divisione championship was replaced by local Prima Categoria, Seconda Categoria and Terza Categoria championships.
  8. Each individual league winner within the Seconda Categoria level progresses to their closest regional league in the Prima Categoria level.
  9. Each individual league winner within the Terza Categoria level progresses to their closest regional league in the Seconda Categoria level.
  10. In May 2015, the club won its promotion to Seconda Categoria, the 8th level in Italian football system.
  11. It took the team thirty years to earn a promotion to " Seconda Categoria ", doing so in 1983.
  12. In 2009, Adani returned to football with amateurs Sammartinese, in " Seconda Categoria " ( 9th level ).
  13. In the summer 2011 it renounce expressly to Serie D 2011-12 and in the season 2011 12 it restarts from Seconda Categoria.
  14. Recently he was noted playing in Italy for Panicale in 2008 2009 and Sant'Erminio Montebagnolo in 2009 2010, both of Seconda Categoria.
  15. Beneath these are five further levels; four of them, Eccellenza, Promozione, Prima Categoria and Seconda Categoria, are organised by provincial committees.
  16. In 1983 the team is entered in the championship of the Terza Categoria, which won in the 1984 1985 season, promoting to the Seconda Categoria.
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