sediment and water造句

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  1. Yellow river ; sediment ; water pollution ; interactions between sediments and water
  2. Basic sediment and water
  3. Bsi in sediment and water has close relationship with the phytoplankton , nutrient and organic carbon
  4. One of the group members said the experiments , were " very promising " but sediment and water samples would have to be analyzed in a laboratory before conclusions could be drawn
    一位研究组成员认为这次实验"非常有前景" ,但沉淀物和水样必须在实验室中经过化验才能得出实验的最后结论。
  5. In order to determine the influence of environmental variations on phosphorus removal mechanisms in a combined pond - wetland system , the dominant removal mechanisms of phosphorus in different treatment unit and their influence on phosphate transformation between sediment and water column were investigated through analyzing the differences of phosphorus fractionation with water conditions
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