shove up造句

"shove up"是什么意思   


  1. we can get one more in if you shove up
  2. just pull the one shoved up her ass
  3. just pull the one shoved up her ass
  4. she went to the back of the chair, and plodded side by side with the keeper, shoving up the pink path . she did not care who saw
  5. i says look at my hat-if you call it a hat-but the lid raises up and the rest of it goes down till it s below my chin, and then it ain t rightly a hat at all, but more like my head was shoved up through a jint o stovepipe
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  7. it also has to do with the fact that, no matter what the rhetoric about wanting to field a diverse leadership team proclaims, most leaders are men, and most men are more comfortable promoting other men when it comes time to give someone a shove up the ladder


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