shoved over造句

"shoved over"是什么意思   


  1. The tall center was then shoved over the line for the try, which Wilkinson converted.
  2. It's never deadly, but I've seen bulls shoved over onto their back.
  3. Tell younger sibling, already present, to shove over so you can have more of the couch.
  4. But the scene is staged like a food fight, with a lot of pushing and shoving over the few chairs.
  5. The pop-culture producers will regard a Bush administration as another blanket of conformity shoved over the face of America.
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  7. When Christina threatens to call immigration, Stuart roughly shoves over a mannequin and stalks off, leaving his shocked wife behind.
  8. Wakanohana leaped to his right at the initial charge and quickly shoved over-extended Akebono out for his ninth win against five losses.
  9. Part of the Nazca Plate has been shoved over the South America Plate at the Taitao Peninsula resulting in the formation of the Taitao ophiolite.
  10. Push is coming to shove over the federal budget, so you can expect to hear a lot for a while about political winners and losers.
  11. If the United States was teetering on the edge of recession before Sept . 11, the terrorist attacks were a decisive shove over the edge.
  12. Widman was shoved over the goal line for a touchdown, and Neil Snow kicked the extra point to give Michigan a 6 to 0 lead.
  13. It seems almost surreal that these Knicks could be favored to win any series, being that they've been teetering at the edge of a cliff for months, with only Ernie Grunfeld being shoved over.
  14. And when push came to shove over whether to report an allegation and break the seal of the confession, or maintain silence, he said, " We would have to break the law ."
  15. The Cow Tipping Home Page ( members . xoom . com / toch ) lets Web surfers participate in that infamous rural prank of shoving over sleeping cattle _ albeit in a much safer, humane and tongue-in-cheek way.
  16. The traditional Pacific-10 Conference vs . Big Ten Conference matchup has been shoved over to Tempe, Ariz . There's about a 55-hour wait between the end of the Rose Parade and the start of the Rose Bowl.
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