sichuan hongda造句


  1. Sichuan Hongda ( 踁?] ?[ T? ) is a mining company and subsidiary of Hanlong listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.
  2. "' Yunnan Jinding Zinc Corporation Ltd . "', founded in 2003, is a subsidiary of Sichuan Hongda, a larger mining firm which itself is a subsidiary of the Hanlong Group.
  3. The TZS 5 trillion is project under the Tanzania China International Mineral Resources Ltd ( TCIMRL ); which is a joint venture between the National Development Corporation ( NDC ) and Chinese firm-Sichuan Hongda Group.
  4. Chinese firms have been showing major interest in Tanzania s mineral deposits; an announcement was made in late 2011 of a plan by the Sichuan Hongda Group, to invest about USD3 billion to develop the Mchuchuma coal and Liganga iron ore projects in the south of the country.
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