situated in the middle造句

"situated in the middle"是什么意思   


  1. Our hotel was situated in the middle of the city
  2. Our company is located in wuhan , hubei province , which is situated in the middle of 9 provinces with the most convenient traffic
  3. The taal volcano is the smallest in the world and is situated in the middle of a lake in batangas 60 kilometers south of manila
  4. Wuhan , ( which is ) a metropolis situated in the middle reaches of the yangtze river , is the political , economic and cultural center of hubei province
  5. Laurel forest covers some 70 % of this park , situated in the middle of the island of la gomera in the canary islands archipelago
    加拉霍艾国家公园位于加那利群岛的拉戈梅岛中心,该国家公园中70 %的面积覆盖着月桂林森林。
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  7. Its situated in the middle section of picturesque island ring road against green mountains facing white beach stretch and vast blue sea
  8. Niangziguan is the largest spring of rock dissolved , located in pingding county of shanxi province . it situated in the middle of taihang mountain and in the junction of tao river and wen river
    娘子关是我国北方最大的冷水泉,位于山西省平定县,地处太行山中段, 37 20 38 20 n , 113 114 e ,出露于桃河与温河汇流地段。
  9. Situated in the middle of liaoning province , shenyang is the communications center of the liaodong peninsula and the songliao plain , the transportation center of the northeast china and the central plains
  10. In the global warming period of 1968 - 2002 , the locations of landfalling typhoons in china mostly situated in the middle of the east coastal area of china and the position whereat northwestern pacific typhoons reached their maximum strength had a trend to move northwards during its life
    在1968 - 2002年全球明显增暖时段,我国台风登陆位置偏向我国中部,西北太平洋台风在生命史中强度达最强时的位置有向北移动的趋势。
  11. Kaikang international hotel the kaikang international kaikang guoji jiudian situated in the middle axis of beijing north third ring road , near zhongguanchun and is the south gate to olympic games village . it is only 1km away from the badaling highway nad about 20minute drive to the airport
  12. Daqing region is situated in the middle - north of songlao basin , the tectonics inducing earthquakes in this region are mainly influenced by the pressing force of the pacific plate to the northeast asian continent , there were 6 earthquakes , which ms were not less than 6 . 8 among the earthquake records in the history , and the most dangerous earthquake occurred in 1119
    大庆地区位于松辽-张广才岭构造区松辽盆地的中北部,发震构造主要受太平洋板块向东北亚大陆俯冲产生的推挤作用力的影响。自有地震记录以来,重点工作区内共记录到ms 4 . 7级地震6次,其中6级以上地震2次, 4 . 7 ms 6级地震4次,最大地震是1119年扶余6 . 8级地震。


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