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  1. Situated knowledge is knowledge specific to a particular situation.
  2. Elizabeth Anderson argues that the concept of situated knowledge is central to feminist epistemology.
  3. Subjective theory holds that understanding is based on situated knowledge, typically found using interpretative methodology such as ethnography and also interviews.
  4. There must be a balance between situating knowledge while also grasping the deep structure of material, or the understanding of how one arrives to know such information.
  5. "Situated Knowledges : The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective " sheds light on Haraway's vision for a feminist science.
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  7. Standpoint theorists such as Donna Haraway sought to show standpoint as the " notion of situated knowledge . . . to counter the apparent relativism of Standpoint theory ".
  8. Third, a key area of discussion is about the difference between relativism and situated knowledge, and ways to reconcile partial perspectives with commitment to political action and social change.
  9. During this time, in addition to dispersed operations that relied heavily on a combination of explicit information and detailed record keeping, more tacit and situated knowledge developed through socialization and participating in life on the Bay.
  10. Stacy Alaimo further argues that Butler uses the  utterly embodied Anyanwu not just to counteract Doro s  horrific situated knowledge,  wherein the subject ( knower ) does not distance itself from the object ( known ) and thus offers an alternative way of experiencing the world.
  11. She is the author of numerous books and essays that bring together questions of science and feminism, such as " A Cyborg Manifesto : Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century " ( 1985 ) and " Situated Knowledges : The Science Question in Feminism and the Privilege of Partial Perspective " ( 1988 ).
  12. In " Using [ Living Hip-Hop ] Feminism : Redefining an Answer ( to ) Rap, " Aisha Durham defines hip-hop feminism as " a socio-cultural, intellectual and political movement grounded in the situated knowledge of women of color from the post civil rights generation who recognize culture as a pivotal site for political intervention to challenge, resist, and mobilize collectives to dismantle systems of exploitation ."
  13. Rocheleau s study draws upon post-structuralism to  expand our respective partial and situated knowledges through a politics a science that go beyond identity to affinities then work from affinities to coalitions " ( p459 ) . In other words, the study does not assume that the identity of a person defines them, but instead focuses on  affinities ( defined as  based on affiliations, and shared views of interests, subject to change over time ).
  14. Anthropological linguistics studies these distinctions, and relates them to types of societies and to actual bodily adaptation to the senses, much as it studies distinctions made in languages regarding the colours of the rainbow : seeing the tendency to increase the diversity of terms, as evidence that there are distinctions that bodies in this environment " must " make, leading to situated knowledge and perhaps a situated ethics, whose final evidence is the differentiated set of terms used to denote " we ".


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