slop sink造句

"slop sink"是什么意思   


  1. Made everyone go downstairs, to big slop sinks, to wash off.
  2. The official offense : " Refused to comply with a direct order to clean the slop sink ."
  3. Howard says the present Penn Station is a " slop sink " that makes arriving in New York " feel like coming through the service entrance ."
  4. Sculleries contain hot and cold sinks, sometimes slop sinks, drain pipes, storage shelves, plate racks, a work table, various " coppers " for boiling water, tubs, and buckets.
  5. There were dozens of keys _ to supply rooms, slop sinks, bathrooms and other places in the World Trade Center where for nearly 20 years he made his living.
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  7. This room contained a " slop sink ", made of wood with a lead lining to prevent chipping china chamber pots, for washing the " bedroom ware " or " chamber utensils ".
  8. In January, the garden acknowledged that wastewater from a slop sink, as well as wastewater from a sump pump emptying out a leaky basement, had been migrating into a storm sewer that wended its way to the stretch of the Bronx River that runs through the garden.


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