sophora flavescens造句

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  1. And there exists salt gland which is similar with the salt gland of sophora flavescens ait on the under epidermis
  2. On the under epidermis and petiole epidermis of sophora flavescens ait . is founded salt gland which has a secretory cell and a basal cell for the first time
  3. This paper reviewed the production , research and application of sophora flavescens ait . alkaloids as insecticides and fungicides in china in the recent years , and pointed out the problems and prospect of the application of sophora flavescens ait . alkaloids
  4. Both the leaf of lespedeza dahurica ( laxm . ) schindl . and the leaf of sophora flavescens ait . which live in the alkaline land of songnen plain , and the leaf of amorpha fruticosa linn . which grows in the land for salt enduring species sieving were made into paraffin sections
    对生长在松嫩平原盐碱地( ph = 8 . 5 - 9 )上的兴安胡枝子和苦参的叶,以及生长在当地抗盐树种筛选试验田( ph = 8 . 5 - 9 )上的紫穗槐的叶制作了石蜡切片,并对这些切片作了光镜观察和结构植物学分析。
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