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  1. These can address needs such as being able to play on the floor with other children, or cater for children in large hip-spica casts due to problems such as hip dysplasia.
  2. The term body cast ( or full body cast ) is sometimes casually used by laymen to describe any of a number of body and / or spica casts, from a simple body jacket to a more extensive hip spica.
  3. Other devices employed include the spica cast, particularly following surgical Traction is sometimes used in the weeks leading up to a surgery to help stretch ligaments in the hip joint, although its use is controversial and varies amongst physicians.
  4. In 1977, while riding his motorcycle, McKiernan was hit by a car that had crossed the center-line, and he was confined to a bed, first in traction and then in a hip spica cast, for many months.
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