1. FBI investigators came to the apartment one day accompanied by Stabilito.
  2. Stabilito was cleaning the unit so he could show it to new tenants.
  3. Stabilito returned to the apartment a few days later.
  4. Stabilito went to the apartment around that date, and said it appeared to have been left in haste.
  5. Stabilito said that on his application Carrasco listed income of between $ 200, 000 and $ 300, 000 a year.
  6. It's difficult to find stabilito in a sentence. 用stabilito造句挺难的
  7. Stabilito, the landlord, said Thursday that a friend of Carrasco's who would not identify himself has continued to pay the banker's rent.
  8. Joseph Stabilito, Carrasco's landlord, went to the apartment in early March after a neighbor's report that the police were trying to get in.
  9. "My impression was he almost seemed a little more carefree than a banker, " said Joseph Stabilito, an artist and interior decorator who was his landlord.
  10. He left behind expensive furniture, clothes, and " many beautiful things, " his landlord, Joseph Stabilito, said late Thursday afternoon at the banker's apartment.
  11. Most, according to Stabilito, were from friends wondering where he was, of the sort, " I called you twice, where are you ? " and " Are you OK ?"


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