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  1. Analysis of stability against sliding of dam by passive resisting force method
  2. Numerical analysis for stability against sliding of retaining wall with notched sill
  3. Evaluation of the deep stability against sliding of the dam base of fenhe no . 2 reservoir
  4. Analysis of horizontal bear capacity and stability against sliding of bucket foundation platform
  5. At last the stability against sliding of sluice chamber is analyzed compared with the method of safety coefficients
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  7. Stability against sliding of large constructions on bedrock usually is controlled by shear strength of concrete - bedrock cement face
  8. In the paper , based on random block theory , a mathematical model is developed for reliability analysis of 3 - dimensional abutment stability against sliding . calculative formulas of reliability analysis are given
  9. Based on the theories of finite element and reliability , the basic idea about application of the stochastic finite element method used to analyze the abutment stability against sliding of the arch dam is presented in this paper
  10. The failure modes of bucket foundation and their computational methods when the offshore platform is affected by the horizontal forces are introduced , and the computational methods of stability against sliding are also addressed
  11. The horizontal load actions of wind , wave , current and ice may cause the offshore platform sliding , and the platform sliding resistance includes soil cohesion , friction and soil resistance , so the bucket foundation platform should be designed to meet the requirements of stability against sliding to ensure the overall stability of platform
  12. At first , the basic theory and general process of the abutment stability against sliding of the arch dam with common definite solution ( the limiting equilibrium method of the rigid body and finite element method ) are simply developed . then combined with , reliability computation , the stochastic finite element method is used to establish the relationship between the load effect ( stress or force ) and basic stochastic variable dealing with statistical features of variables . based on the stochastic finite element method , the reliability of the arch dam abutment stability against sliding is analyzed , and the corresponding reliability index is calculated
  13. Meanwhile , the influence of the distribution types , cut - tail and correlation of the stochastic variable on the reliability is discussed finally , the application of the arch dam abutment stability against sliding analysis with the way of common definite solution and stochastic finite element method is tested by one practical example analyzed and calculated in our province
  14. Thereby drew a conclusion that variability of stochastic variable has remarkable effect on the reliability . and the different stochastic variable has different effect on the reliability while the variable quotiety increasing . the obtained results shown that the calculating method presented in the paper can be widely used in reliability analysis of abutment stability against sliding
  15. Based on rigid body method and finite element method , the deep stability against sliding of yunfeng dam was analyzed in details . the results show that its safety factor along the fault is on the low side . on account of some parameters in the computation modules were indeterminate , the results obtained could not reflect the real safety situation of yunfeng dam
    在对其空间结构进行细致分析的基础上,提出将51 ~ #和52 ~ #两个坝段合并在一起建立物理模型,综合考虑各阻滑面和侧面基岩的抗剪断强度的作用,分别按刚体法和有限元法对其抗滑稳定进行复核计算。


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