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  1. Of all the aerodynamic parameters required in stability and control analysis, the hinge-moment coefficients are most difficult to determine with precision .
  2. Longitudinal stability and control of a coaxial type helicopter in hovering
  3. Flight mechanics . concepts , quantities and symbols stability and control of aircraft
  4. Stability and control measures of zhaoshuling landslide , badong county , three gorges reservoir
  5. To achieve the goals of a market economy , a demand for profit , stability and control over each person ' s destiny must exist
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  7. Flight dynamics - concepts , quantities and symbols - part 4 : concepts , quantities and symbols used in the study of aircraft stability and control
  8. In order to enhance road embankment stability and control settlement deformation . djm composite ground is widely used to reinforce the embankment constructed on soft soil
  9. Firstly , this paper gives an introduction about wing - in - surface crafts and their development state so far , then analyzes and describes their special stability and control problems , at last presents an outlook about their application perspectives
  10. The design of configuration and other primary structures of the helicopter have been finished . in order to analysis the stability and control of the helicopter , a flight mechanical modeling has been founded based on a single - rotor helicopter
  11. Finally , a comparison experiment is performed between the speed regulating system this paper designed and the speed regulating system of nbc - 350 welding power source . the result indicates that the system this paper designed has good dynamic stability and control accuracy
    最后,对本文设计的送丝机调速系统与nbc - 350焊机的调速系统进行了对比试验,试验证明本文设计的调速控制系统具有良好的动态稳定性和良好的控制精度。
  12. Through calculating and analyzing basic performance , the flight characteristic of the towed system is researched . stability and control issue of carrier rocket is discussed primarily . the net result of the thesis will prove the feasibility of the scheme of towed launch
  13. The magnetic suspension momentum wheel has better performance than the conventional ball bearing momentum wheel , and one gimbaling magnetic suspension momentum wheel whose rotation axis can be deflected can perform three axes attitude stability and control of spacecraft in high precision
  14. But the variation of its aerodynamic forces will induce flapping motion and produce the cyclic pitch on the main rotor blades by the bell mixing mechanism . in order to study the effect of bell - hiller stabilizer bar on helicopter stability and control , this paper first analyze the function and the principles , give the flapping equation and a flight dynamic model with bell - hiller stabilizer bar . and then works over the stability and control of uav r - 50 in hover and cruise condition , and analyzed the influence from parameters of the bar to it
    为了深入研究希勒伺服旋翼对直升机稳定性和操纵性的影响,本文首先分析了希勒伺服旋翼的功能和工作原理,推导了伺服旋翼的挥舞运动方程,建立了带有希勒伺服旋翼直升机的飞行动力学模型,然后以yamahar - 50无人直升机为例,分析该直升机在悬停和前飞时的平衡、稳定性和操纵性,在此基础上进一步研究希勒伺服旋翼设计参数变化对直升机稳定性和操纵性的影响。
  15. Then , the phase - space equations is presented based on the two - mass - oscillator dynamic equations , taking the relative velocity as the factors , to get the criterion as how to distinguish the stick phase and slip phase , which give a great convenience to optimize the design , and stability and control strategy . the response is studied following
  16. First study cable tension control system , begins with analysis on its physical environments and the a mathematic module are built up , accordingly static and dynamic response with matlab tool is executed to improve system stability and control precision . fieldworks are performed to solve the demarcation , resort emendation , advanced pid control algorithm and signal interference
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