star stage造句


  1. It stars stage actress Marguerite Clark in her first motion picture.
  2. It stars stage veterans Bill Irwin and Kate Burton.
  3. The disc gradually cools in what is known as the T Tauri star stage.
  4. One game, two vastly different sides of baseball sharing the All-Star stage.
  5. The holiday weekend reaches the star stage tomorrow when five major league fillies run in the Gazelle Handicap.
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  7. Morgan is an accomplished Bodhr醤 ( Irish drum ) player and has a BAF 1 Star Stage Combat Certificate.
  8. The ceremony took place on 1 December 2013 at the Star Stage @ KWC in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  9. Some of Williams'greatest feats came on the All-Star stage, where he has the second most homers and most RBIs ever.
  10. Michael Jordan's return to the All-Star stage was most memorable, despite a few nice moments, for the dunk he missed.
  11. In Nashville, meanwhile, themes of patriotism, generosity and defiance of terrorism sounded as top country stars staged the third benefit concert of the weekend.
  12. After both stars have passed through the giant star stage, the end result will be a pair of co-orbiting white dwarfs in about eight billion years.
  13. Bening plays a star stage actress in London's West End seeking revenge on a manipulative lover in the movie adopted from the Somerset Maugham novel " Theatre ."
  14. The series pilot entitled " Killer on a Horseback " starring Rod Cameron aired in February 1956 on an episode of the NBC anthology series " Star Stage ".
  15. Actress Irene Tedrow, who played in an all-star stage revival of " Our Town " with Henry Fonda and was nominated for two Emmy awards, has died.
  16. Initially very hot, the disk later cools in what is known as the T tauri star stage; here, formation of small dust grains made of rocks and ice is possible.
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