star standard造句


  1. He called Star Standard " Sub Standard,"
  2. But Star Standard won on a sloppy track at Keeneland last April.
  3. The filly drew No . 4, Star Standard No . 8.
  4. Appliances meeting the Energy Star standards will come with that EPA label.
  5. By movie star standards, it's downright early.
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  7. Kid Rock is living large, even by rock-star standards.
  8. Nick Zito's always tough with Star Standard.
  9. "But she can't handle Star Standard in a race.
  10. Zito also said that his Star Standard would not suffer from wet weather.
  11. Star Standard won by an even length in front of Key of Luck.
  12. In suburban Detroit, Grant Hill has come to set more traditional star standards.
  13. Originally, Zito had lined up Mike Smith for the ride on Star Standard.
  14. But Star Standard and Hoolie kept switching positions.
  15. JARL released some changes to the existing D-STAR standard in late 2004.
  16. The United States Environmental Protection Agency guidelines and Green Star standards can be applied.
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