star sting造句


  1. Q : How did the British pop star Sting come up with that name?
  2. Marsalis then switched gears entirely, joining the pop star Sting's band.
  3. Pop star Sting was made a CBE, or Commander of the British Empire.
  4. Rock star Sting also was in town.
  5. British rock star Sting was decorated with a human rights award by the Chilean government Monday.
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  7. Collina replaces rock star Sting, who had to pull out because of other contractual obligations.
  8. The rock star Sting wrote a song about her organization called " They Dance Alone ."
  9. He was listed 595th in the 2002 Sunday Times Rich List, above pop stars Sting and Rod Stewart.
  10. Pop star Sting was made a CBE, or Commander of the British Empire, along with fashion designer Alexander McQueen.
  11. Rock star Sting ( who acted in Figgis'1988 movie ` Stormy Monday " ) essentially donated three soundtrack songs.
  12. British actor Rupert Everett; pop star boy George; actress Cher; and Trudi Schuyler, the wife of rock star Sting.
  13. Former Prime Minister Edward Heath is a resident, and rock star Sting's country estate is not too far outside town.
  14. The film stars Sting in a leading role, and he wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the album.
  15. His recently released album " Antonio Brasileiro " was his first record in seven years and featured the British rock star Sting.
  16. Pop star Sting, cruising along Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coast, urged the country Wednesday to keep seaside development in check.
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