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  1. But if that is relevant, so is the Star story.
  2. The first story of The Five Star Stories begins in JC 2988.
  3. Morris insisted that the Star story was trash journalism.
  4. The show also has its real-life Ruby Keeler chorus-girl-becomes-star stories.
  5. The full dimensions of the problem became apparent later in the day when copies of the Star story were available.
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  7. The Star story cited school records, which said he was an " inferior to mediocre " student.
  8. The point is, the Hulbert Taft / Times-Star story is partially about how Taft Broadcasting was started.
  9. Michael D . McCurry, Clinton's press secretary, struggled all day to keep the focus off the Star story.
  10. "Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete " was initially released for the Sega Saturn in Japan in October 1996.
  11. The magazine is perhaps best known in Japan for serializing Mamoru Nagano's " The Five Star Stories ".
  12. The plot of " Silver Star Story Complete " remains true to the original Sega-CD version written by Kei Shigema.
  13. Much of the juicy, insider material in Star stories comes from anonymous sources usually described as a " close family friend,"
  14. A Kansas City Star story reports that the obviously well-heeled couple lived in Vienna, Chicago and Seattle before coming to Kansas City.
  15. Lunar : Silver Star Story Complete was later ported to the PC port in both Japan ( 1998 ) and South Korea ( 1999 ).
  16. Though many elements of " Silver Star Story Complete " are present, it adds new plot points while getting rid of others.
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