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  1. Repeated observations had already led to the discovery of two star streams by Kapteyn and Halm was able to identify a third ( Halm 1911 ) associated with what he called " Orion-type " stars.
  2. He worked on the motions of star streams in the Milky Way Galaxy, and was director of the Yale-Columbia Southern Station in Johannesburg and Canberra, as well as Director of the Rutherford Observatory at Columbia.
  3. In 1911, J . K . E . Halm, then the Chief Assistant, put forward a pioneering paper on stellar dynamics in which he hypothesized that the star streams discovered by Kapteyn arose from a Maxwellian distribution of stellar velocities.
  4. Heublein's line of pre-mixed alcoholic cocktails included traditional drinks like Manhattans, martinis, stingers, sidecars, and daiquiris, as well as trendier drinks such as the popular Brass Monkey, Star Stream Tiki and Hobo's Wife.
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