star strike造句


  1. But the stars strike sparks off each other like you wouldn't believe.
  2. The West Indies played without star strike bowler Curtly Ambrose, sidelined by a shoulder injury.
  3. Yen and his co-stars strike imposing stances throughout the action / adventure flick " Iron Monkey,"
  4. The easy victory at Old Trafford was overshadowed by news that United has made a bid for Everton and England star strike Wayne Rooney.
  5. Ten years after the events of " Star Strike ", humans have located the homeworld of the Xul, deep within the Galactic Center.
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  7. In the Fall of 2014, Lilley hosted the First Annual Stars Strike Out Child Abuse, a celebrity bowling tournament, to raise money for Childhelp.
  8. Sandy blonde hair an unkept mess, handsome face beet red _ it's not the kind of pose most " A-list " movie stars strike very often.
  9. South Africa's star strike bowler, Donald, and Lara had had a fascinating duel earlier in the visitors'innings, with Lara coming off the better of the two.
  10. Star strike Benny Kejansi beat Ronald Allen with a well-placed shot from outside the area, but skipper Alexander Riley scored the equaliser with a well-placed header after 71 minutes.
  11. South Africa's star strike bowler, Allan Donald, and Lara had had a fascinating duel earlier in the visitor's innings, with Lara coming off the better of the two.
  12. ""'Star Strike " "'is a single-player video game, released by Mattel for its Intellivision Star Wars ", as the player must drop bombs on alien weapons silos before Earth moves into range.
  13. In any event, it seemed unblikely that South African skipper Hansie Cronje would enforce it, because star strike bowler Allan Donald is still battling with a hamstring pull, and the rest of the bowlers toiled really hard to get rid of the West Indies middle order and tailenders.
  14. Despite suffering a steep drop in form in 2016, the Hornets were never seriously threatened with relegation and alongside reaching the FA Cup semi-finals, the club ensured a second successive top-flight campaign for the first time in nearly 30 years whilst star strike duo Odion Ighalo and Troy Deeney netted 28 goals between them.


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