1. The area was named Kaiserville after the settler Peter Kaiser, who was buried in the area, while the Stongs left the area in 1951, the Hoovers'till the 1930s.
  2. Awarding the album four stars at " CCM Magazine ", Matt Conner states, " " Worship And Believe " definitely feels different than your typical Chapman release, but it s his voice that keeps this album in familiar territory, even as the pop production and congregational feel bring in fresh elements . . . it's a welcome shift in career direction for Chapman and hopefully there's more to come . " Jeremy Armstrong, rating the album four stars from " Worship Leader ", writes, " the result is powerful worship music for individual worship and some song options to unite congregations . . . As a shift from a focus on story stongs to vertical prayers, " Worship and Believe " represents Chapman's continual willingness to grow in artistry . " Giving the album five stars for New Release Today, Phronsie Howell says, " " Worship and Believe " is Steven Curtis Chapman's debut in the worship genre, and it not only solidifies his place in the worship music world, it exemplifies what heartfelt worship is . . . " Worship and Believe " is powerful, genuine, heartfelt worship to the King of Kings who sustains us even in the midst of life's trials ."
  3. It's difficult to find stongs in a sentence. 用stongs造句挺难的


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