1. The launch was contracted by the Space Test Program to launch the STPSat-1 spacecraft, and was named STP-1.
  2. MidSTAR-1 flew along with FalconSat 3, STPSat 1, and CFESat as secondary payloads; the primary payload was Orbital Express.
  3. The launch also carried STPSat-2, FASTSAT and NanoSail-D2, FASTRAC, O / OREOS, and RAX . Collectively, the deployment mission was designated STP-S26, and marked the third flight of the Minotaur IV.
  4. The primary objective of the STP-S26 launch was to deploy STPSat-2, whilst demonstrating the ability of the Minotaur IV to carry additional payloads, by deploying FASTSAT, FASTRAC, RAX, O / OREOS and FalconSat-5.
  5. The cloud was to be observed over a period of weeks or months by ground instruments and the Spatial Heterodyne IMager for MEsospheric Radicals ( SHIMMER ) instrument on the NRL / STP STPSat-1 spacecraft . The rocket's exhaust plume was observed and reported to news organizations in the United States from New Jersey to Massachusetts.
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